Beautiful Ladies Observing Growth

I’m sure most of us have experienced going to a restaurant and ordering a cup of coffee either because we need a pick me up during the day, or we want that smooth robust flavor to roll across our tongue.  We’ve added our cream and sugar to our liking only to lift the cup to our palate and find the coffee to be old, burnt and stale.  We know instantly that the coffee has been sitting on the burner for quite some time, or someone forgot to change the filter.  Ughhhh, this coffee is bitter!

Well how about us?  Do we always recognize when we’ve been sitting in one place or situation in life with no movement, no growth? Have we become burnt, stale or even worse, bitter? Over the past 10 months I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with over 40 beautiful women who are committed to the growth process.  These women have chosen to “Sip Coffee with Cathy,” and become part of a community of women who support one another through life’s ups and downs.  They are the subject of this week’s BLOG.  Beautiful Ladies Observing Growth.  I invite you to take a peek at what has come through the filter…

“My growth has made me check myself when I am not sure of why something is happening and to see what my role is in the problem.  I now really look at people that I have as friends and evaluate those relationships to see if those relationships benefit me too.  I have learned to be present in my pain, so that I can learn the lesson its teaching me and make the needed change.  I am so thankful to Cathy for putting a wonderful group of women of all ages together to support each other.” WL

“My sessions at Coffee with Cathy have left me feeling enlightened about self-discovery! Discovering who I am and being victorious in doing so and learning that self-care is not selfish. I am enlightened about what God wants for us. His peace and joy to name a few.  I am now on a journey after His peace and the joy of the Lord! I am determined to be Victorious in my pursuit of happiness! I NOW know that I deserve it.” JK

I would have to liken my growth to the transformation of caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.  I know I have grown because instead of running and hiding out of fear as a caterpillar might,  I live my life with the freeness of a butterfly with its wings spread wide open and flying  with the excitement of discovering life.  What a joy. DF

“I walked into these sessions with many questions about my life that were haunting me up until this point.  It was so refreshing to receive the answers to these questions from such a supportive group. My growth started the day I walked into “Coffee with Cathy.”  I finally feel like peace is on the way.”  MR

I’d like to say thank you so much to my BLOG – Beautiful Ladies Observing Growth.  I’m honored to be a part of your growth process, as I am growing along with you. (1 Tim. 4:15) So for those of you who would like to add your brew to our discussion,  I’d love to hear your response to this question…How do you know when you’re stuck in life, just sitting on the “burner,”  and how do you change your “filter” to start the growth process and began to “brew a robust life?”

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  1. I usually don’t look for opportunities to participate in a blog. In fact, this is the only one I follow. It seems that so many are used for negativity.
    But this one is different. Each of us brings a unique perspectives and gifts. Each of us is working on a different area that we want to grow. It has been such a wonderful experience learning with this group of beautiful women. Cathy is an extraordinary facilitator and coach. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be savoring life the way I am today, I would not have believed them. Cathy teaches us all how to look deeply into ourselves and optimize what God has given us. I am so grateful.

    1. Thank you Cindy…this truly has been an insightful journey. When I think back to our very first session of “Coffee With Cathy,” I stated this was just as much about my growth as it was for the group. I love how we all have worked together to create a safe place for each other to explore who we really are and learn from one another. We have used our gifts to nurture one another and measure our growth along the way. This has been an amazing “brewing” process. Your comment was like a shot of espresso to my soul;-) Thanks Cindy.

  2. I have not had the pleasure of being a part of “My Session of Coffee With Cathy for over 40 years, but I have had some, girlfriend you have got to hear this” conversations with Cathy for the past 29 years. And oh, were those conversations just what the doctor ordered. Two things that I think of right away are: taking time from my busy life, go to the mall, and just explore. The other positve expression that radiates from me is personal journal writing. Thanks Cathy girl, and I can’t wait to see you in June, so we can have another face to face girlfriend talk.

    1. My pleasure Barb! I’m looking forward to our time in June. I love when we get together it is as no time has passed. I’m happy to see that I’ve been singing the same song for so many years. Isn’t it awesome to be able to go back and review your life and measure your growth. The first thing we say about babies if we haven’t seen them in awhile is, “she/he’s getting so big.” We say it with joy and pride, recognizing their growth. How do we measure our growth as adults…I say a sure fire way is journaling. Great job Barb!

  3. Sometimes I don’t even think we recognize our routine, way of thinking, or way of handling matters as being stuck, we very often get comfortable with doing things a certain way. So being a part of B.L.O.G. opens our minds to seeing life slightly differently. Our perception of reality is just that our perception which usually has been formed based on our experience or lack thereof. So to be with a group of women that share similar circumstances who can share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, views, and opinions, further opens the doors for growth. I’m excited to be a BLOGGER and hope that I can continue to be exposed to people that make me excited about wanting to be better.

    1. Wow!!! Beautiful Tam Tam…This has been such an amazing experience. I’m excited you’re a BLOGGER too. I have seen tremendous growth during our commitment to the process. Yes, it is nice to be able to openly explore different perceptions in life in a safe environment. Normally when we want to explore another person’s perception of life and their experience, we have to read a book. Isn’t it nice to have a ring side seat to so many rich life experiences. I’m looking forward the May 2nd. Our top for discussion is…Personal Growth! See you soon Tam Tam.

  4. I like reading your blog, it makes me take a long hard look at my life. I often check with others to see if they see what has changed or needs to change. People with whom opinion I value of course.

    1. Thank you Vee…It is truly a gift to have true friends to help us monitor our growth process. I’ve noticed some wonderful changes in you along the years;-) You were such an asset to Coffee with Cathy. You brought a perspective and realness to our conversations that cannot be matched. Thank you for your continued love and support even from North Carolina.

  5. I know I am stuck when I continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. While sitting on the burner, I find the heat is pealing off the layers that weighs me down. I begin my growth process by finding solutions to challenges I may face.I thank God because I know that everything is working together for my good!!!!

    1. Wow! Beautiful Roz…well put. Pealing off those layers can sometimes be a difficult process, but how much lighter we feel when we shed those things that weigh us down. It’s beautiful that you can view your change from a place of gratitude to our Heavenly Father. Gratitude can become the seeds of growth.

  6. i am looking to grow in the area of finding happiness within, instead of relying on people, places and things. Part of this is being able to see and accept things as they are knowing that God is all I need. I am looking to future sessions and posts!

    1. Beautiful Chantel! Growth is a beautiful thing, however it’s not always easy. We try so many things in life that bring momentary happiness, but the beauty of it all comes as you said in knowing that God is all we need. Well said! See you soon my friend;-)

  7. We grow by action not by reaction. As we grow finding the balance of serving others and taking time to nourish ourselves. Random acts of kindness become innate to our way of living life. Thank you Cathy for living life to fullest and sharing YOU with each and everyone of us on this never ending Journey of loving Life!

    1. My pleasure Karen! You set such a great example at finding the balance. You not only bring a fresh breath of air to your yoga practice, but have such a generous and giving spirit, it just fills the room with joy. Keep doing what you do…it matters to so many;-)

  8. Sipping coffee with Cathy has been very inspirational. I’ve grown because now I can identify “who am I”. Thanks to you Cathy and the other strong supportive ladies who attended the sessions. My growth was shown when I was able to remove negative individuals from my life and It feels good. I am sure that there is much more room for growth, I look forward to the next session of Coffee with Cathy.

    1. Thank you Linda! Self discovery can be so powerful! We sign our name every day on a credit card receipt or other important documents many times not stopping to think…who’s behind that name. It’s a beautiful thing when we discover that! You’ve done great work in our sessions Linda. Thanks for being a part of our group! I bet you’ll never sign your name the same;-)

  9. I love all the things that are said on this blog. It helps me think about my future and if I’m going through something I can always remember what you have said and your examples. Thanks for sharing some of your life stories!

    1. My pleasure Dana! I’m happy to share my life experiences for the good of others. Life is so fast paced and we often do not get a chance to sit and have deep conversations to pass on real life experiences. I’m so happy to have this forum to share and to hear about the experiences of others. It really has been an “interchange of encouragement” for many. Thanks for sharing. Stay tuned for Monday’s blog.

  10. I try not to find myself stuck sitting on the “burner,” however, if I feel like I’ve come to the end of the road in a particular situation, I change my “filter” by picking myself up and getting back in the race. I am a Believer living and learning every day how to cope with the unforeseen obstacles that sometimes bring us face-to-face with a new challenging uncertainties of not knowing what to do? That’s when my faith in God springs into action and I find myself strengthening my relationship with the Lord. DP

    1. Thank you Diana for sharing…what a great strategy! Every challenge and uncertainty gives us an opportunity to strengthen our faith. For faith is all about the things we can’t see. The uncertainties. It’s nice when we can reflect and give credit to our Heavenly Father from a place of gratitude for carrying us through.

  11. How I know I am stuck is when I get tired of hearing myself complain about the same things, people, situations, etc. If I’m tired of hearing it I know others must. Then I think can I do anything to change the situation? If so, I develop a plan to do so. if not, I begin working on acceptance, which in turn brings peace. Great post this week!

    1. Thank you Tonysha! It means a lot coming from you;-) Ahhhh acceptance is such a beautiful thing. When we reach this step it means we have processed and not avoided. I’ve noticed that avoidance brings anger and frustration, but processing, and coming up with an action plan moves us to acceptance. There is nothing like having that PEACE! So proud of you! You truly are
      “working 30!” 😉 Love you

  12. I know that I have grown when I no longer need approval from others. I can carry myself with grace and dignity, because I learned from experience first hand. You can’t buy experience you have to live it. Sharing what you learn can help others avoid some of the pit falls in life if they are willing to listen. Thats why this blog is a great enterchange of encouragement .

    1. Love it Birni! “You can’t buy experience, you have to live it.” What better way to benefit from experience than to share it with others. I’m happy to have this forum and your support. Thank you for your elegant words of wisdom.

  13. I am so inspired by the strength of this group of women I’ve met in the last 2 classes! It is really touching to see the level of strength we ALL have and we didn’t recognize it until now! It is a testament to the works of God when we allow him to lead and guide our lives. The excitement and anxiety I feel while waiting for the next class is Through the Roof LOL! EXCITED ABOUT WHAT GOD IS DOING IN THIS BEAUTIFUL GROUP OF WOMEN! I’m so proud of US for facing the tough situations in our lives with courage and faith that God will bring US out on top!

    1. It is a beautiful group of women. I had no idea how this endeavor would turn out. It is beyond what I imagined…It is so wonderful to be in an environment where we can grow together without being overcome by “weeds,” such as negativity or judgment for feeling the way we do. Support and safety is so important and I think we bring that to each other as we brew. Although French Press and a decadent way to enjoy a cup of coffee, I never feel pressed or pressured in this group. It is full of loving supportive women who also nurture the seeds of growth that we plant at each session. I am so blessed to be part of this group. (1 Cor. 13:4-8)

  14. The best way that I’ve recognized my growth is through meditation and reading my journals. I don’t journal everyday day or every other day for that matter. Lol. But I can see where I was and if I’m still in that space. If so I try to improve using the tools I’ve learned in the sessions of coffee with cathy. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I have a voice and am not afraid to let it be heard for fear of judgement or criticism. My opinions make up who I am and I realized it’s nothing to be afraid of. So thanks for the confidence building.

    1. Way to go Sheila! Journaling is a great way to measure your growth. What a privilege to go back a read where we were and to see our growth. It is a gift we give to ourselves. We don’t have to be perfect at it, we just have to do it! It seems to be working for you and yes…you do have a voice. A beautiful voice.

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