“Keep Your Head Up”

Each day we are confronted with situations that could make us want to hang our heads and decide it’s going to be a bad day. Every day I make a purposeful decision to “keep my head up” no matter what. Today I had to appear in court for a traffic ticket. Most would consider this a “bad day,” but I love new experiences!   I’ve never been to court, so I decided to “keep my head up” so as to learn, observe, and absorb everything. Criminal offenses were heard first. I never expected that. One door opens and out comes the judge with all of his authority as he takes the bench. Another door swings open and out comes two men in hand cuffs and ankle chains. At this moment I was saddened for the two gentlemen in which I locked eyes with as my heart mourned their present situation. As feelings often do come and go, shortly behind the sadness came gratitude for where I sat. Most would have thought coming to court for a ticket is a bad day. I was so thankful for my place in life and even in the court room. The judge finally called my name. In an effort not to receive the points that would come with the ticket, I admitted responsibility with an explanation and was quickly ordered to pay the ticket at the window outside of the court room. I had anticipated the fine would 150.00 (ouch!) I get to the window and the cashier says 125.00, so at this point I’m thinking…Wow that’s 25.00 extra that I have to treat myself to something special. I whip out my debit card to pay and the cashier says, “are you sure you want to put this on your debit card, there will be an extra 5.00 charge.” I said, “what other options do I have?” She said, “cash, check, or money order.” my response, “I don’t have any of those.” She then stated, “or I can give you 30 days to mail it in.” I said, “I’ll take that option!”   Which means for me, I now have 150.00 to treat myself. I went shopping bought a new dress, new make up, and a pair of shoes. I’m a thrifty shopper ladies. As I was leaving the shoe store with my head up…I saw the most beautiful sunset which reminded me of the love and warmth our Creator has for each and every one of us. As quickly as I walked to my car and looked up again, the sunset was gone…I could have missed it if my head was hanging down. So I say ladies…whole heartedly…make a conscious choice to keep your head up! You never know what blessings will come your way.

4 thoughts on ““Keep Your Head Up””

  1. What a wonderful reminder to always look for the positives in any situation. It truly changes our perspective on life. Thank you for this reminder Cathy.

    1. You’re very welcome Noor. If we only focus on the negative, we can miss the blessings from our Heavenly Father. They truly are everywhere…we just have to keep our heads up so that we can see them. So happy you have joined our discussion. See you soon my friend.

    1. Thank you Whoopi! I just read Psalms 121…I’m so inspired. It was right on point. Thank you!!!

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