Think Spring!

Okay ladies…lets think spring and get ready  for spring cleaning. Many take pride in cleaning out their closets, exchanging winter clothes for spring and summer, putting away those boots and pulling out our sandals. It brings a smile to our faces as we check our toes to make sure that pedicure is fresh. As we’re cleaning our homes, we no doubt will notice cobwebs, dust bunnies and clutter. We take pride in ridding our homes of these unsightly elements  that we didn’t even notice during the winter months. Ahhhh, but when spring arrives and we open our  doors and windows, there they are for all to see. We take immediate action to get rid of  them.

Well what about the cob webs, dust bunnies and clutter we carry around all year mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Let’s take this time ladies to do a little internal spring cleaning. I’ve been thinking about a few things that I would like to shed or get rid of this spring and here they are:

Cobwebs – One cobweb that’s been hanging around in my mind for quite some time is the belief that, “I’m not organized.” I say this to myself, it seems,  a million times a day as I’m running around looking for my keys or my shoes thereby reinforcing my belief. Someone recently said to me, “that can’t be true, you are a full time minister, work a full time job, and run a small business. There is no way you can’t be organized!” That was a huge eye opener for me. So from now on, a better way for me to think of my organizational skills is, “I would like be to more organized,” just typing it this way makes me feel empowered to continue to make strides in the right direction. That’s one cob web that’s coming down permanently.

Dust bunnies – The dust bunny that has been blowing around internally, on a mental and emotional level for years is my view towards technology. I’ve been so intimidated by technology only learning what I felt I had to learn to survive. Well, I’ve recently come up with a new phrase to help me adjust my view.  It has taken away the mental wall and the emotional frantic I would feel every time I felt I was being forced to learn something new. I now say to myself and others, “me and technology are dating; we’re getting to know each other. We’re not a couple yet, but we’re working on it.” I can’t tell you how much this phrase or positive self-talk has changed the way I feel about technology. I’m currently using it to help manage my weight, video chat with my grand sons, and run a business. I would be remiss if I did not mention that becoming a Blogger has turned technology into a blessing for me. This experience has been soooo fulfilling on a mental, spiritual and emotional level. I still struggle on a weekly basis to post my blog on Facebook (fb) and Instagram (ig) because every week, I feel like I’m doing it for the first time. I’m so thankful to my daughter and the many others who patiently help me along the way. There are still times when I feel that angst starting to rise and I quickly remind myself, that just like dating, it’s a process and I don’t have to know everything at once. This gentle and encouraging self talk allows me to open the window to my soul and allow those dust bunnies to float on out. I’m embracing technology and moving forward ladies…spring cleaning indeed!

Clutter – Fear is clutter because it acts as a restraint. (1 John 4:18) What does it restrain you from??? Your heart! When we are afraid, we spend most of our time in our head orchestrating and creating the worse possible scenarios, which causes our fear to  grow.  Most of events that we spin around over and over in our head will more than likely never happen, but we can’t see that because of the clutter. We in some respects become like hoarders in our mind. We can readily look at a hoarders home and say, “they need to clean house and get rid of some of that junk,” but what about the clutter that is collecting dust in our heads? Maybe there is a particular fear that has been there for a long time and only you know what it is. Fear has been said to be, “False Expectation Appearing Real.” I was originally afraid of opening up and being vulnerable on my blog. My initial goal for blogging was to provide inspirational quotes and positive stories that would be a reflective moment for others throughout their day. Once I moved out of my head and into my heart my goal for my blog changed. I could cast my fear aside and be vulnerable for the sake of myself and others. I now wanted to create a forum where women could share real life experiences and learn from one another. I deeply want women to know that we share a common bond and that we are never really alone even in the valley of depression. (Psalms 34:18) I am forever grateful for the more than 500 readers who log on every week to see what’s “Brewing with Cathy.” Your love and support has definitely helped me to find clarity in my purpose and reaffirm why I do what I do. (1 John 4:18) I’m putting things in order ladies and moving fear out of the way. It acts as a restraint!

So ladies, what cob webs, dust bunnies and clutter is hiding in your closet or taking up space mentally, spiritually, emotionally? It’s time for spring cleaning…what will you get rid of?


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  1. What a refreshing scent- Spring is a wonderful time, fresh air, flowers, sunshine, Spring is a great thing and oh how it can change ones mood. ahha, but change mental, emotional, physical is not always approached as something refreshing. cobwebs, dust bunnies, clutter. I lack motivation to change. I need to get motivated and still can not figure out why I no longer have the drive and push that I use to have. I’m a work in progress………


    1. Aren’t we all works in progress. Maybe you/we are entering a different phase in our lives. It is a beautiful phase because we finally have the strength, courage and the voice to say what works of us and what doesn’t. Give yourself the permission to sit down and discover if Charlotte’s web is hovering over your motivation and get rid of her. You can do it Tam Tam…I believe in you!

  2. Thanks for giving me a better way of looking at things. I have issues with technology and organization and its nice to know im not the only one. Just making comments on your blog is difficult for me but each time I read them and comment on them im growing. Thanks a bunch.

    1. No…you are not alone my sister as so many of our fellow bloggers have commented. Every time you comment it truly is a growing process. It allows you to formulate in your mind and heart and then put it into writing. I love hearing from you! Keep doing it…one day, just like a dark roasted pot of coffee, it will flow. Love you.

  3. I am experiencing the dust bunnies, which have been blowing around mentally and emotionally with my view of feeling guilty because of not being able to stay on top of things. No matter how hard I try, I always seems to fall behind in house cleaning, spiritual matters or just taking time out for myself. Believe me, I have tried to put myself on a schedule for doing things but something always interrupt my plans. These pesty dust bunnies how do I control them?

    1. What has helped me is knowing that I will NEVER get it all done, so if I take care of what’s most important (Philippians 1:10) I allow myself to feel good about accomplishing those things. I make sure I’m fully present in whatever the activity may be, so that I will learn and see God’s blessings or personality through out my day. When I’m feeling guilty or fearful I miss a lot of what He has in store for me. I try to remember that He does not expect perfection, so neither should I. Also, Linda try making a list of things that you would like to accomplish in a given day. Make sure it is a reasonable amount of items. At the end of the day, cross of every thing you accomplished and you will visually see that you’ve done a lot. Reward yourself for what you have accomplished instead of feeling guilty for what you didn’t. Open that window Linda and let those dust bunnies out…they are clouding all of the good you do. 😉

  4. Approach spring cleaning from a positive viewpoint. When the process feels overwhelming, remember that the goal is to increase happiness in your life by only surrounding yourself with what makes you and you alone happy. Flip your perspective on the process.It may be that focusing solely on throwing things away can only bring unhappiness. Why? Because we should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.
    Letting go is overwhelmingly freeing once you make the leap.

    I have chosen to be the possibility of being fully alive and unstoppable. I have been identifying what stops me from being who I want to be and set myself up that it never stops me again.
    This is what I have done to get rid of clutter this season.

    1. I like that Heidi! Focusing on what we get to keep. It’s interesting that when I try to throw something away, I think of all the memories attached to it and wonder if I will use it again. I even make up reasons to use it again in the future. The next time I’m caught in this vicious cycle, I’m going to look around the room and focus on all of the things I get to keep. I never thought about it like this. Thank you Heidi for sharing your words of wisdom. You go Mrs. Unstoppable. You’re leaping so high, you’re flying;-)

  5. At last at last. I already started spring cleaning my house and this blog was perfect timing for mental spring cleaning as well. I will start the de cluttering process now. So much to get rid of in my mind and refocus on the right things. Thanks cathy you always got my back.

    1. My pleasure Shero! Mental and emotional spring cleaning can go hand in hand with physically cleaning our homes. They say (I never really know who they are;-) that the repetitive hand motion involved in cleaning can facilitate a calmness that leads a person to think deeply on a matter. It’s almost like walking with someone in cadence…the conversations seem to go deeper. Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional…Pine Sol, Mr. Clean and/or Fantastik can’t hold a candle to what we’ve got going on here! Happy spring cleaning Sheila…you’re beaming! 😉

  6. First I must compliment each and every woman’s commitment to self improvement! It is such a breath of fresh air to see such commitment and consistency in the journey of so many women to work on being their BEST SELVES! Awesome Job ladies! The cobwebs that I have neglected to clean from each corner of my mind year after year are thoughts of self doubt. They were planted by not feeling encouraged to be my best even though I strived to do so as a child. As I got older and helped to raise my sisters and brothers I felt like my efforts in getting good grades and being the best help I could at home went totally unnoticed. So as I got older my efforts slowed down and my self esteem was shattered. I stopped believing in myself and my efforts to succeed. Since I have dedicated my life to God he has begun to show me the gift I possess and the doubt is starting to move out of my way to allow God to work through me. I am Soooo grateful that He has allowed me time on this earth to learn more about His Grace and Mercy! Which brings me to my dust bunnies! I have always been kind of intimidated by reading my bible (Also lazy)! I have recently picked up my bible to read it more than I ever have in my life! This is how I know God is really doing a work in me! I have been praying for Him to deliver me from that intimidation and laziness and asking him to replace them with GREAT DESIRE and excitement about getting to know HIM for myself! I must admit I’m still working on the lazy part but when I pick it up to read it what I learn excites me! I know that I will continue to GROW in His Word and my desire for Him in my life will get GREATER! My clutter is still not making time for myself. Making work and my grands priority over myself and spending time with my husband is the clutter I have to work on. Pray for me that I will find the balance and not feel guilty.

    1. Ahhhhh….there it is once again. I love how you encourage us and open your heart at the same time. Self-care is like picking coffee beans…Juan Valdez picked them one at a time. You are nurturing yourself spiritually by readying God’s word. What an awesome place to start. (Psalms 1:1-3) Reward yourself for that! When we began to see ourselves through HIS eyes and apply God’s greatest act of love to ourselves (John 3:16) that is an indication of the value we have in HIS eyes. When I’m feeling less than or unequal to a challenge, I meditate deeply on that sacrifice and petition Our Heavenly Father for strength, courage, and wisdom. From your comment it sounds like you’re doing those things. After you’ve come up with a daily routine of bible reading and prayer, then you can add something else to your self-care regimen. I can remember years ago feeling guilty about self-care…thinking that it was a manifestation of selfishness. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” I found that when I took care of my needs, I was a better wife, mother, daughter, friend and most important servant of Jah. I love giving from a full coffee cup that runneth over than one that is empty. Look at your spiritual growth…again reward yourself for that and pay attention the the growth you’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. I’m so proud of you. Remember…we are brewing a robust life, one coffee bean at a time.

  7. This was a helpful reminder for me with all my final exams coming up at school. With you and electronics is me and my kinesology class I just hope by the end of this week were more than dating and I have this stuff down. Thanks for the positive reminder.

    1. Kinesiology…Mmmmm, we’ll call him Ken for short. You can do it Natalie, I believe in you. If you’ve put the hard work into studying, try to lessen the fear that comes with taking test and allow your brain more room to allow Ken to move around. The answers are there, just pray for the wisdom to be able access them and put it down on paper. You can do it! Thank you for joining our discussion this week. Love you Nat.

  8. I’m with Lisa, lol, internal spring cleaning it is. I have decided to take care of my health and lose weight as well. I gained weight after having a hysterectomy last year, and I was tired of my stomach hurting and being bloated all the time. I am 25 lbs down, and so excited that I have finally made a decision to get this weight off of me. I know it’s hard work, but I am up for the challenge. Love you, Cathy . Your post is so encouraging!

    1. My pleasure Yana! Let’s encourage each other. Taking care of ourselves is not always about the pounds but about adopting healthier habits that most often will lead to the shedding of pounds. Your looking good girl. I’m so proud of you. It is hard work, but we can do it! I’ve been using the fitbit app and and bracelet. I set up my app to lose 1 pound per week. It is so do-able and I don’t feel stressed about it. We can do it ladies! I will definitely do a follow up blog! Let’s become one another’s cheerleader!

  9. I was reminded of this post when I was purchasing a scarf recently. The salesperson, ask for my debit or credit card. I definitely did not want to pay with credit card since I am trying to get my finances in order. My wallet was so cluttered, I could not find my debit card anywhere. I searched and searched until I realized that my clutter had caused a long line of customers for the sales person. I could tell she was getting impatient. So, reluctantly, I payed with my credit card. As soon as she swiped my credit card, there peeking out was my debit card from a side pocket in my wallet. At that moment I realized, I must de-clutter my wallet.

    1. LOL…Yes, in spite of the snow, it’s time for spring cleaning! I loved your comment Donna, I felt like I was in the store with you;-) I can remember when I was in school for coaching, I learned this phrase and have been trying to apply it to my spring cleaning process, “focus, ease, clarity, and grace.” If I focus on what I want my outcome to be, (less clutter) I can ease into the transition of putting things where they belong, which gives me clarity, and the fact that I didn’t say, NO clutter gives me the grace to forgive myself when I have a setback. Thank you so much for sharing Donna.

  10. When I hear the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ I think of a new season or a change from cold to warm weather and to make anew. The season Spring, in itself, makes me think of flowers. I love flowers and all of the many varieties of vibrant colors, shapes and sizes that our Heavenly Father designed them in for our enjoyment. They brighten up the environment with their beauty and gracefulness and whenever I see one it always puts a smile on my face. 🙂
    I was discarding some wilted roses in a vase yesterday and I thought of the phrase “A rose that grew from the concrete”… I can certainly relate to that because I have been feeling like a wilted flower for quite a while… So on a personal note, “What changes do I see necessary for the betterment of myself”? I feel that “now” it is my time to bloom. And to help me in that regard I realize that I need to start by removing and/or limiting my interaction with toxic people and work towards letting go of toxic behavior patterns within myself and focus more on the positive aspects of my life… (Jeremiah 29:11)

    1. Wow…how beautifully said Deb! Welcome to our discussion. I’m sure we all feel wilted at one time or another, life has a way of doing that. If I may use your analogy of the “rose that grew from the concrete,” think about how hard it had to work to get through the concrete. No one probably came to water it, so it was solely nurtured by what our Heavenly Father provided, the sun and rain. He provides so much more for you. The more we shift our focus to what is positive in our lives the more clearly we see HIM. Jah will give you the strength, support and the peace you seek my friend. (Psalms 1:1-3) I look forward to reading your future poetic comments. I post every Monday…be sure to join in. Great seeing you this past weekend 😉

  11. My clutter is to unclutter my mind and heart , that everybody doesn’t understand your journey and its ok.. Your never have to feel bad about removing toxic people and things from your life.

    1. So true Yolanda! The first step is recognizing when people and/or behaviors are toxic to us. It sounds like you’ve already identified either the people or things in your life and you’re ready to detox! It’s not always easy, think about when we’re detoxing our bodies. It may limit our food intake to just liquid for a period of time. Not easy at all, but it does a body good. If clarity from clutter is what you seek, you’ve chosen a great place to start. Thanks for joining our discussion Yolanda;-)

  12. Internal spring cleaning from me this year is – Loosing Weight – Get rid of the fat and toxic in my body and fitting into ALL my clothes! I will be 40 in October and I will be able to get in EVERY SINGLE clothing I OWN!!!- That is my MAIN goal and accomplishment that WILL take place this Spring/Summer !— I already have a plan. I am following ” THE LISA METHOD PLAN” – A plan that works for my body. I am so EXCITED!!!- I already lost 4lbs. WITHOUT dieting, STILL enjoying the foods I LOVE! and without buying ANYTHING from diet companies!!!– ( SAVING ALL MY MONEY- instead of giving it to somebody else! — I am also doing spring/summer cleaning by NOT allowing jealous/insecure people around me. There is something good about each and everyone of us BUT jealous people, I do NOT have ABSOLUTELY ANY TIME FOR THEM!!!- I UNDERSTAND JEALOUS people I SEE them VERY CLEARLY. In fact, sometimes I feel sorry for them! Yet, I DON’T have ANY energy or TIME nor patience for their negativity or drama…they are so busy hating and DELIBERATELY looking for flaws because of their own issues they MISS all of the love and good surrounding them!( proverbs 14:30)- For me to recognize the good in ALL individuals but STILL choose to NOT deal with them is ” SPRING CLEANING ” for me!– I would rather be by myself and alone than be with a jealous, bitter person. I have way too much to give than be brought down with negativity! I REFUSE to deal with ANY person who will tear me down and NOT add to my life!!! Spring cleaning is SO VERY hard since I will have to give up something or someone I love just so I can survive and be a better me. Spring cleaning is also a necessity since it makes me give up things I really don’t need and it makes me have more discipline! At the moment it is not always easy but afterwards the outcome is ALWAYS GREAT!!!– ( Hebrews 12:11)

    1. I can’t wait to see the results of your spring cleaning in October. You are definitely a fabulous almost 40! Great job on the 4lbs. I would love to hear what “The Lisa Method Plan” involves;-) We will support you in your weight loss journey. Please feel free to keep us posted on your weight loss if you so desire. We would love to cheer you on, as most of us women spend our whole life on a “diet.” I love to hear the success stories of others! Yes, jealousy can ruin a relationship and can be very toxic. (James 3:15,16) When you think back to the Garden of Eden all of our troubles started with Satan being jealous of God and look at where we are today. Sounds like you have the passion and the commitment to your spring cleaning. We are all works in progress…I will do another blog in the fall to see how we’re doing with keeping the dust bunnies and cob webs away. Sounds like you’re headed for clarity Lisa! You go girl!

  13. The dust bunny I need to clean up is the feeling that if I am not being productive. I am very busy person and I have plenty of things to do. There is never a day that goes by I don’t have something that needs to be done but for some reason I feel guilty when I am trying to rest especially at home.

    1. I can remember one day saying to myself, “why are you cramming so much into your day? You’re only doing more now, so you can do more later!” When I came to the realization that I will never get it all done, I could be a little kinder to myself and give myself permission to rest. If you could come up with a pithy saying to combat the feeling of guilt, what would it be?

      1. Cathy, my mom would say, “If you die who is going to do it?” She said that to say if you are dead from over working you will not be able to do it anyway. I try to live by that but it is difficult.
        I will have to think about that saying… Lol

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