The Gift of Womanhood

I have heard others refer to this gift as,” the curse, Aunt Flo, or even worse, the rag.”I can remember being in the 5th grade and having very little knowledge about the gift of womanhood.  There was a girl in my class who unexpectedly got her very first visit from “Aunt Flo.”  No phone call, no advance notice;  Aunt Flo just showed up and literally flowed all the way down her legs and made a puddle on the floor around her feet.  I wondered if this is why they call it “the rag,” because we certainly needed one.  I can remember the terror and embarrassment on her face and the uncertainty on my teachers face as to how to handle this situation.  I’m sure in her mind, at that moment this was indeed, “the curse.”  I was so frightened I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mom all about it.  She then explained in detail the monthly menstrual cycle that I had only heard in code words from my older sisters;  now all of those words made sense.

Well three years later, I received my gift of womanhood.  I will never forget that moment, we were on our family vacation and it happened to be a road trip.  When I told my mom, she for some reason was so excited.  The one phrase I remember from our long talk was, “you’re not a little girl anymore, you are becoming a woman, what a gift!”  I didn’t feel like it was a gift at the time, I felt awkward and concerned as to how I would stay fresh and clean during this monthly visit from “Aunt Flo.”  I also had flash backs to my class mate in the 5th grade and wondered if this would prove to be, “the curse” for me as well.   After my mom and I had our “gift of womanhood” talk, we get back in the car with my dad and my 14 year old brother and my mom makes the announcement to my dad, “our little girl is not a little girl anymore, she’s becoming a woman.”  I wanted to instantly crawl into the trunk and disappear.  This is still not feeling like a gift to me.

So when did Aunt Flo transition from the curse into “the gift of womanhood” for me?  Well there were several occasions early on in my marriage when Aunt Flo was late, and oh boy when she arrived…it was truly a gift! I was so happy to see her.  When my husband and I planned our second child, I was truly appreciative of the “gift of womanhood,” because now I could use it for the purpose our Creator intended,  to bring forth life. (Genesis 1:28) What a gift!

As I moved past the child bearing years and had time to study some of the changes we go through as women, I learned a lot about why Aunt Flo shows up once a month and all of the hormones that she creates and leaves behind.  It is these wonderful hormones that make us feminine.  It is these hormones that narrow our waist and broaden our hips so that we can house our babies for nine months.  Yes ladies our powerful, womanly hormones makes us automatically love and nurture our children and develop long lasting relationships. as  I love the gift of womanhood because it makes us feminine and attracts us like a magnet to everything that is pretty; shoes, purses, earrings, makeup, fragrances and the list goes on.  For without these hormones, we could not step into a 3-5 inch pair of high heel shoes and walk like a gazelle. (Men can’t do it)   As I approach the time when “Aunt Flo” doesn’t visit as often, and I notice the subtle changes in my body I wonder what the next phase of my life will be like.  I am not afraid because the initial  “gift of womanhood” has allowed me to have three beautiful children that will always remind me of what the Psalmist said, “In a fear inspiring way, I am wonderfully made.”  (Psalms 139:14)

So ladies…what’s the gift or womanhood for you?  When and how did it show up?

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  1. A had to think about whent I got my “gift” long and hard. Why? I was ill prepared to accept the gift, and was afraid of it. I received “it” the summer I turned thirteen. I had on lightcolored shorts playing baseball. A crowd of people brought to my attention that I had a bright red stain on the back of my shorts. I ran home and told my mother what happened, and told me “your a woman now, and go take a bath”. I started yelling and screaming. I was told if you bathed during this time, you would die. My mother set me down and explained to me the facts of life, and finished by saying now you can get pregnant, so don’t bring me any grandchildren. What a huge responsibility this gift placed on me. I was afraid to see
    my gift come every month for I never knew when the monthly “gift” would show up. I was never shown how to keep track of the “gift’s” arrivals (self taught). I realize that the “gift” is Jehovah’s way for the human race to procreate, but I don’t think He meant for us to have the symptoms we get before, during and after, we get our monthly “gift”. And now I’m going through menopause, and experiencing the “gift” in a different way.WOW!
    Keeping it real, I think, I won’t appreciate my gift until paradise.

    1. Wow…I appreciate your gift now from the story you have shared. I always look forward to hearing your words of wisdom. I felt like I was on the play ground with you. I know we’re playing in the same back yard with menopause, and this is a beautiful time of growth, self exploration and recreation. I’m sure it will be even more beautiful in the paradise, but I am enjoying this phase of my life. Thank you so much for sharing Barb and for keeping it real. My next Coffee with Cathy session is June 13th from 10:00 am – 12 Noon. Not sure what time your plane leaves, but I sure hope you can make it. Love you.

  2. Womanhood is indeed one of the most exquisite gifts from our heavenly Father! My earliest recollection of this gift is as a young girl when my mother would send me, along with my brother, to the neighborhood store to purchase Kotex or tampons for her. I was not told specifically what they were for but in my limited knowledge then, I drew the conclusion that it had something to do with the ‘period.’
    Unfortunately, I did not get the traditional mother-to-daughter discussion to prepare me personally for the ‘period’, as it was coined in my household. I learned bits and pieces about it from my peers. Fast forward to the day when I was outside jump roping and I felt something warm and wet flowing down my inner thighs. I ran inside to the bathroom to wash up and stuff tissue in my panties in hopes of it going away, but to no avail… Apparently my mother noticed how strangely I was walking and she inquired. I did not tell her then because I wanted to continue getting my jump rope game on, lol, however I was forced to confess because it kept on flowing… Then the information was divulged to me about why his was happening and how to particularly take care of my body during that time of the month.
    Imagine the shock I felt when told that this would be a monthly pattern, the discomfort from having to wear that sanitary belt (that always seemed to irritate me) with a pad attached to it (the stick-on strips were not popular yet), and the horror of thinking that everyone knew that I was bleeding down there. That was a hard pill to swallow at 13 years of age. 🙁 It was then that I viewed the ‘period’ as a curse, and if it was not for the infamous hot water bottle to put on my tummy to ease the excruciating cramps and the Midol to relieve my headache, I probably would have caught a case… LOL!!!
    So, being the avid reader that I am and wanting to have thorough knowledge and understanding of why this was happening to my body, I took the initiative to learn all I could about the female reproductive system and the woman’s body in general. Thankfully the library was right down the street from our house and I took advantage of every opportunity to go there after school and week-ends and I checked out every book listed on the card catalog (there was no Google back then). I acquired a wealth of information about the female and male body as well. Reading is fundamental, as well as communication, and learning about the awesome way Jehovah God designed our bodies has been a most enlightening lesson that I truly cherish. And as the veil was lifted I began to see the monthly ‘period’ as the gift that it is… (James 1:17).
    October 3, 1979, our most gracious father Jehovah blessed me with the most incredible gift that I have ever received ~TWINS~ yes, a lovely daughter and a gorgeous son!!! <3 <3 Those precious moments experienced throughout my pregnancy and during childbirth and thereafter are crystal clear in my memory and the instant that I saw life come out of my body I began to thoroughly grasp the incomparable beauty, unyielding love, unmatched power and remarkable wisdom of our creator Jehovah God. "I praise you (Jah) because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, my soul knows this very well." Psalms 139:14.
    Nonetheless, if I never had the opportunity to give birth to a child, I would still extol the marvelous "Gift of Womanhood!" What other creature on this earth do you know of that can do what a woman does??? ~I drop the mic!!!!!!!

    1. Well said Deb…I love your writing style. I felt like I was jump roping with you as I read your story. I did not know you had twins. What a wonderful gift indeed! Twins are a miracle within themselves. How wonderful to have produced that from the gift of womanhood. Thank you so much for sharing YOUR story. It brought a smile to my face. 😉 and warmed my heart.

  3. Cathy , I love your take on our “gift” . I wouldn’t have my three beautiful children without it. Jehovah gave us this gift. That is what’s important. Due to imperfection , I don’t get my gift anymore, I am learning how to embrace a new gift which is dealing with my emotions and changes with my body now that I don’t have my monthly visitor anymore. Thanks again Cathy, love you;-)

    1. My pleasure Yana! Kudos to you for striving to embrace those new found emotions instead of running from them. Emotions can reveal so much about who we are; its not always comfortable to sit in those emotions just like its uncomfortable to sit through a hot flash;-) I immediately want to get up and rip off all of my clothes and go running down the street so that I can get a continuous flow of air. How crazy would I look doing that every time I got a hot flash. I read this awesome book entitled, “The Change Before The Change.” I learned in this book that each hot flash typically will last on 90 seconds, and that instead of viewing it as something negative, the book recommended that we take this time to recognize that while our bodies ARE changing, we actually “being rewired for greatness” in the second half of our lives. I love this friendly reminder to myself. So in embracing your emotions, Yana…I’ve learned that great things happen in the silence, if you can sit with them and listen to what they are trying to tell you. I would love to hear what you discover on your emotional journey. Love you too. Thank you for sharing.

  4. As usual, you shed light on a typically dark topic for women! Thanks for always finding a better way to see our “curse”. Looking forward to the next class!

    1. My Pleasure…Our next Coffee with Cathy is June 13th. It will be an awesome class. Please spread the word. We will truly celebrate the gift of womanhood!

  5. Do you know why this is your calling? Because you always have the right message at the right time!

    1. Well thank you for that Lori! Every week I ask myself…why are you doing this? Are you kidding, who’s really going to read this and every week I receive confirmation and the encouragement to continue. Thank you…I’m so glad you found this topic helpful. I love the femininity of being a woman and without those hormones the things that make us special would not be.

  6. You definitely put a different spin on “aunt Flo”. I hated her. It meant I was going to change and my dad made sure that I did. You see I was a little tomboyish. Basketball, flag football, baseball. Needless to say I was playing with my brothers and their friends. I didn’t feel any different except my stomach hurt and it was messy. I still wanted to have the same fun but my parents said I was becoming a woman now so I couldn’t. Code for you can get pregnant now and we don’t want those boys getting fresh; but I really didn’t feel any different. They were my friends. So I was mad the boys got to have all the fun. I didn’t want any dolls. Flash forward to today. I love love love my femininity. You helped me realize without that “period” I wouldn’t be able to sway my hips, wear high heels and be dainty. Periods embodies woman hood. Without it I wouldn’t have my precious daughter. The best thing about “Aunt Flo”.

    1. LOL…I love your story Sheila…thank you for sharing, and girl you are indeed swaying those hips and rocking those 5 inch platform shoes. Wow…I can see why you didn’t like Aunt Flo initially. Sometimes playing with boys is a lot easier than playing with girls, no emotional drama at that age. So the boys got to play back then, but look at all the wonderful things we get to play with now; eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, nail polish and the array of colors. Our face and bodies are moving artwork. Everyday we can be like a blank canvas to color with our wardrobe, our makeup, shoes, etc. The gift of womanhood, truly is a special gift and you wear it well my friend;-)

  7. I LOVE excercising and I love being spontaneous and I do enjoy being a woman! – But the fact that being on my period once a month comes with being associated with being a woman it has never been fun. Personally, I don’t view being on my period is a great thing because I get VERY bad menstruation cramps!– Since age 14 MOST of my periods have prevented me from excercising,feeling bloated, missing work, meetings and events that I would loved to have attended! Sometimes I have felt like I was in LABOR!– My mom told me when I was much younger that her cramps got better when she started having kids. Well because I didn’t have kids my cramps pretty much have always been terrible!– ( not that having kids would change anything)-
    Years ago my mom had terrible fibroids, they were so bad she almost bleed to death.I was in high school and the oldest child home, I remain calm and calm my sisters down and then called 911- but inside I was so scared, my mom was so weak from all the blood lost she was passed out barely speaking.At the time I never knew anything about fibroids. I kept thinking why was her bleeding not stopping.At the time it seem like another thing bad thing us woman may have to face. My moms blood count went down so badly she was hospitalized. After several weeks and once her blood count went up the doctor immediately did a hysterectomy on her.
    By the time my mom enter menopause it was horrible for her.. The mood swings and hot flashes were bad.
    Due to the fact that I have had bad cramps like my mom and now today I also have fibroids like her a few yrs ago I decided to take a REAL interest in my body and TRULY take the time to understand and appreciate what is taking place with our bodies as woman and to find out what I could do to help me deal with my cramps fibroids and have a POSITIVE outlook on menopause because my mom suffering made me very nervous! Well, I found a lot of information and to put it ALL in a nutshell I found out how much DIET is so important to how by body acts. Yes, I knew this before but this FACT was emphasize even more!

    When I decrease in sugar my cramps were much better, I also increase in my calcium/magnesium supplements and started taking a Chinese herb ” Don Quai- this natural herb tastes nasty ( can be taken oral or by pill)– oral ALWAYS gets to the blood stream fastest. Anyway when taken within * BALANCE* – it works and does wonders: Helps female cramps!- Replenish red blood cells, treats iron deficiency/anemia, for those who want or trying to have children it boosts male AND female fertility, it reduces anxiety and helps with menopause because it balances estrogen levels.
    I do NOT take this everyday .. because everything is about moderation but I have personal seen and experience the difference at has made with my monthly cycles.

    Today their is an abundance of information on how to cope with cramps, PMS, and menopause… so I am not as nervous like I use to be. Always remembering to tell myself when I am not having the best day due to female issues ” THIS SHALL SOON PAST”! —
    Being a ” HEALTHY EMOTIONAL WOMAN… for me means I ALLOW myself to vent about the bad things I am experiencing when things are tough and difficult but also remembering that a POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards everything including womanhood is so IMPORTANT!!!
    I ALWAYS encourage all my family and friends that it is so VERY important to take the time to exercise its not just for fitting into my ” skinny jeans “.EXERCISE is just as important as diet!- The two work hand in hand! Especially pass 35 where are bodies are changing .Exercising helps balance our emotions, helps our hormones and helps our bones from deteriorating!- Weight training preserves muscle mass and helps bones. Osteoporosis effects so MANY women way more than men because as woman we already start off with lower bone density than men! – My mom hates exercising and after having 9 babies was still able to get back in a size 6 without exercise or dieting!– But since she never hardly exercise she has the beginning stages of osteoporosis despite all my encouragement to lift weight she didn’t exercise enough because she just wasn’t use to working out.Well a few weeks ago she fell she is STILL in so much pain. The older you get the harder it is to heal!– As woman we are ALL in the same boat- So if you don’t get anything from my blog post today..PLEASE – lift weights at least twice a week not only because lifting weights speeds our metabolism and keeps us tone and firm but our muscle and bones can remain healthy! Prevention is everything! In the pass I took care of so many older woman when I worked at Beaumont due to neglecting their bones they too develop osteoporosis. Hurting bones and broken bones is no joke!
    Fortunately despite all what we woman go through or what we will go through we have a GREAT support team each other! My cycle has always ONLY last 3 days!!! If I can get through the first two days I am then good and can then I can go back to ” ENJOY BEING A GIRL!”—

    1. Wow…Lisa…you continue to amaze me with your positive outlook on things and your determination to be triumphant. I’ve made it a goal to breeze through menopause with a positive outlook. With every 90 minute hot flash, I tell myself I’m being rewired for greatness. I’m sure the good advice you’ve given about diet and exercise will help many. Thank you Lisa for your words of wisdom and your willingness to share.

  8. Ps 127:3-5a
    “Look! Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah , the fruitage of the belly is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the sons of youth. Happy is the able-bodied man that had filled his quiver with them….”
    Having had my quiver filled, with raising five beautiful children, guiding them like an archer aims his bow, I experienced the joy of motherhood, the ups and downs. And those visits from Aunt Flo, was truly a gift.;)

    1. How beautifully said. Yes your quiver is full and know you have 10? grand children to help mold. There are definitely ups and downs of motherhood, but somewhere we learn how to ride that emotional roller coaster with grace and elegance. You and your husband have been such a great example for many. You truly are a complement to your husband. A feminine graceful gazelle in how you navigate through parenting adult children. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing I always look forward to you comments.

  9. Cathy,
    Like so many others Aunt Flo does not visit me anymore. Can’t say I am to sad about it… Lol! But the gift that Womanhood that brings me joy is definitely being able to birth a child. I Recognize how wonderfully made we are from the inside out. Women are Business Owners , a Wife, Mothers, Cooks, Nurses, Accountants (Handling bills), Personal shoppers for the family, Maids, Teachers and Lovers….. All in one day! No man I know is built to handle all that…. So Womanhood gives us powers beyond what is normal. That’s what makes us extraordinary beautiful!

    1. You are so right Keeshi. you are all those things you mentioned and more. I guess Chaka Khan had you in mind when she wrote your theme song, “I’m every woman…it’s all in me.” You rock Keeshi. Keep up the great work. As a business woman truly inspire me 🙂

  10. Wow….I think if I would have read this when I had my first visit, I would have been excited. But like many, all I focused on was when is she leaving and why did she come in the first place. However, after reading this blog she should be embraced because she is definitely part of our beauty. Thanks for sharing your story and beautiful points with us.

    1. My pleasure Donna. There is wisdom in this group of bloggers. As we get older we see things differently and tend to be a little more open. It is my hope young ladies will be able to benefit from our story so they can embrace their monthly visitor with a cup of coffee or tea and give themselves some down time to get to know the woman they truly are transitioning to from the inside out. What a gift that would be to “Aunt Flo.” Thanks for sharing Donna.

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