“Faith is the Antidote to Fear”

As a Life Coach, I am often staring smack dead in the face of fear. I know what it looks like in others and I can distinctively hear it’s deceptive and sly approach. I know how to coach this emotion and how to help my clients discover strategies to successfully navigate through these muddy waters and sleigh this monster. Oh, but when this sly snake slivers it’s way into the back of my head and shows up on my face, I don’t immediately recognize it. It is crafty and subtle and can wiggle it’s way into your head and heart, hidden by the weeds of self-doubt and vulnerability.

Just like venom, it can be debilitating with long lasting effects unless we muster up the courage to recognize it for what it is, and call it out. FEAR is False – Evidence – Appearing – Real. I can recall when I first began public speaking on a regular basis. Whew!!!Talk about fear, it had taken up residence within me for quite some time. Every week I would speak in front of 35-50 people. I would hear the hissing noise of this subtle enemy in the back of my head saying things like, “you’re not good enough, Who do you think you are? No one is going to listen to you.” Oh an here is another one, “it’s just a matter of time before they find out you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Every week before my sessions, I would engage in “knee pad” praying and Bible reading looking examples of people who were at one time unsure of themselves as well. This helped me to see that I’m human and my feelings are a result of imperfection, but they are real and can be debilitating. I read about Jacob, the Apostle Peter, Elijah, David, Hannah, Rehab just to name a few. My fear still continued for six months. Once I really began to meditate and apply what I was learning, I began acting in harmony with my prayers and my Faith began to grow; it became like a giant who could, with God’s help squash the monster that was in my head and heart. (1 Samuel 17:32,37) Shortly thereafter, I began to immediately crush the negative self-talk that would try to reside in my head. I would replace it with the wonderful words and reassurances found in the scriptures. (Isaiah 41:10) These words had so much more strength and power than my imperfect words. They were stated by the Supreme Being who had demonstrated on several occasions his ability to help and with His help I could become tantamount to any assignment I received from Him.

I am a firm believer that every trial we successfully navigate through prepares us for the next one. Each trial is an opportunity to build our faith and strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. You see, my initial audience that I began speaking in front of on a weekly basis was quite small in comparison to the privilege I had about three years after I began public speaking. I received the privilege to share my experience in detail in front of over 5,000 people. It’s amazing how the hissing noise was no longer there, because I now had a story to tell that would highlight God’s strength in my life. I stood before my family, friends and fellow worshipers with a heart full of faith and joy as I recanted my journey. The voice that now took up residence in my head was very different. It whispered, “For all things I have the strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me.” (Philippians 4:13) This doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous, for indeed I was and can remember the butterflies fluttering in my stomach, I looked out and saw my husband and remembered his reassuring words, “it’s okay to have butterflies in your stomach just pray that they all fly in formation.” with his approving smile, the support of my friends and family and most importantly my Heavenly Father, I could feel the healing effects of my strengthened FAITH being the antidote for the venomous fear that previously held me captive. Ahhhhhh…what a beautiful moment that was…I’m just happy to say my mom was there to experience it with me.

For your Journal: Ok ladies…what venom is growing in your garden sewing the weeds of fear? How will you strengthen your antidote of FAITH to help you overcome the debilitating effects of FEAR?

8 thoughts on ““Faith is the Antidote to Fear””

  1. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and a sound mind( 2 Timothy 1:7). I’m finding when I allow fear to grip me, I block what the Lord has for me. I have allowed fear to stop me from growing in certain areas because I didn’t want to fail or be disappointed. Once I kept my mind on the word of God. Perfect love casts out fear(1 John 4:18), that’s when the venom( ability to try something out of my comfort zone) that once crippled me, left my presence. Every morning I ask the Lord to continue to use me, to walk in love daily and now there is no more fear here!!!

    1. How beautiful your expressions are Roz. I love being able to take a moment and rejoice over conquering our fears. It’s interesting how fear can reside in our minds, but faith can be rooted in our heart. I conquers fear every time. Keep up the great work Roz! I have noticed your growth;-) I’m so proud of you!

  2. It took me a long time to learn to forgive. I finally got fed up with feeling uptight and upset when people offended me. My relationship with my God helped me to overcome the hurdle of forgiving. He forgives me all the time from inherent sin and from the things I do that I know I shouldn’t. Furthermore, he said he wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t forgive others. When I started looking at the fact that other people are imperfect and they’re going to offend me, so I chose not to want to live in that suffocating space. People have issues and I chose not to let their issue become mine. Ever since I’ve changed my attitude I have a reasonable amount of control of my emotions and I have more peace. It’s a forever struggle especially if its family because you can’t just not be around them so you have to learn to look over them or forgive. It’s worked for me to have peace in my heart.

    1. Forgiveness is a process and if it were up to us as imperfect humans we probably would not put the effort into working through the process of forgiveness. It takes faith to know that it’s the right thing to do and the best thing for us. Faith in the beauty and patience of His forgiveness and the peace that comes when we forgive others. Once you have that internal peace you don’t want to live without it. Great job Sheila! In the words of Madea, “peace be still.” 😉

  3. Quote: “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”.

    Once you face YOUR fears they become like the monsters you thought were in your closet or underneath your bed. The paralyzing fear was all in your head.

    What WAS the venomous seed of Fear that WAS growing in my garden, and what helped me overcome this Fear?
    Secrets were the fear and taking in Jehovah’s Knowledge was the strengthen I needed to overcome that Fear.
    When I learned to distinguish between what I really needed to fear and what I did not, living life was/is oh so easy!
    Ther are a few instances in my life NOW that may MOMENTARILY paralyzed me with Fear, but I quickly educate myself about that particular fear I’m experiencing, and say the following: it stays (healthy fear) it goes (unhealthy fear). 99.99% of the time, it goes.
    Knowledge is truly Power.

  4. Being confident is very good but a BALANCE is always needed because over- confidence is not always good either. So I always felt that a little bit of fear or nervousness is a good thing because it keeps us HUMBLE.

    We DON’T have to be good at everything or perfect at everything, we just have to try our best!– I LOVE the account of Moses in the bible where Jehovah gave him the HUGE assignment to lead his people out of Eygpt. Moses was fearful and felt inadequate. Yet, Jehovah used him even though he didn’t have the best speaking skills! Jehovah sees are good qualities and our motives and good intentions and all he expects from us is our best, that is so reassuring because when we fall or error we don’t have to let fear take over, we just have to keep trying.
    Sometimes the main reason we are scared is because we our so worried about messing up but those”WHO MATTER “will be kind and caring and will love and support us no matter what happens. Alot of time we are our own worse enemy – we can be so critical of ourselves and so many people are just sitting back admiring the strength or courage it took you to do a particular task or deed.!
    Fear is also a reminder for myself to TRULY rely on Jehovah because I NEED him so MUCH!!!

  5. I see you’ve written about me this week Girlfriend! LOL. And here publicly I can tell the world how adept you are at helping others to overcome their fears so they can be productive and fruitful people. I hear your voice directing to me 2 Corinthians 5:7 “We walk by faith, not by sight.” Love and blessings to you Cathy as you continue to do His work!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle, your love and support means so much to me. I’m sure we’ve all felt the effects of fear and have been caged in a place of inactivity. What we don’t always capture is when our Faith has helped us overcome this giant. I wanted to create a forum where we could have our feelings validated and celebrate our growth. Thank for sharing;-)

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