Enjoying the Stretch

I was recently engaged in an exhilarating conversation with my husband about personal growth. I had just watched him navigate through a “sticky” situation and I immediately noticed his personal and spiritual growth. (1 Timothy 4:15) I’m a firm believer in acknowledging people when they do great things, so my comment to him was, “you’re growing.” He proudly smiled as he stuck out his chest and said, “thank you.” I then asked, “Are you aware of it?” His response, “yes.” So those of you who know me, know that I didn’t end the conversation there. My next question was, “How would you describe your growth?” He said, “It’s kind of like when I was a kid and my grandparents would stand me up against the wall and measure my height every year. They would proudly put a little mark on the wall so as to have something to compare it to next year’s measurements. Well this time, I feel like I surpassed the mark on the wall before the year was up.” As he described his growth process his entire being lite up. His eyes brightened and his smile widened as he shared a piece of his soul with me.

Much to my delight, my husband returned the compliment and asked me to describe my growth process as well. So here is the picture I painted for him. “I feel like a short basketball player in the WNBA who has been told by most people that I can’t dunk because of my height. Well, I see myself dribbling the ball down the court with my opponent close behind and all of a sudden I go up for the lay-up and find myself flying high above the rim! Well, with my adrenaline pumping and feeling the exhilaration of flying in mid-air, at that moment I make the decision to dunk! In my excitement and amazement I then hang on the rim, not to show off, but to enjoy the moment for as long as I can. While hanging there I feel my arms stretching, ahhhh this feels so good. When I finally let go and my feet hit the ground my arms feel disproportionately long, as if my hands are scraping the ground as I run across the court. Instead of feeling weird or awkward, I actually began to notice that more things are within my reach. I can now grab hold of things that I previously thought were out of reach for me.”

This is truly the story that I’m living right now! After giving much prayer and meditation for guidance to make one of my recent decisions has been like a “slam dunk,” and because of that one strategic move, so many other opportunities are within my reach. (Exodus 36:1,2) With my Heavenly Father’s help, I have stretched myself beyond what I thought possible and I’m loving every minute of it! I’m enjoying the roar of the crowd from some of my biggest fans, (my friends and family.) We often hear about growing pains and the discomfort that accompanies the growth process, but I wanted to take a minute and share the joy of hanging onto the rim and enjoying the stretch.

For your Journal: Okay ladies, so write about a time in your life when you’ve noticed your personal growth and please describe what it was like for you.

5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Stretch”

  1. I love the basketball analogy. I feel that way about traveling alone. Many people said I could and should not do it. But after my second trip alone, I grew so much emotionally and spiritually. It has been amazing and freeing. Once I completed my first trip, I felt like I was dunking a ball. It truly has opened up so many spiritual opportunities because of the growth. Now, I am preparing for another trip out of the country but this time the travel time will be longer but I am looking so forward to it.

  2. When I retired I learned more about myself than I had ever known. That knowledge came with growth. Being a wife & mom you don’t see or acknowledge growth. But I was able to make decisions without considering anyone else, I could leap out on faith, I was no longer afraid of failing. I listen more, I’m more patience with people. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I often ask people who’s opinion I value, about my personality. The responses are FUNNY. I now have a WILLING DESIRE to grow and; open my visionary windows!!

    1. Thank you Veeski for sharing. Retirement has been soooooo good for you! You have accomplished so much since then. For many who define themselves by their job title, retirement can be a difficult time. I’m so happy that you have found this to be an opportunity for “enjoying the stretch” and including your friends along the way. I have learned so much from you by you allowing me to look into your visionary window. Thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. I really enjoyed this because it not only made me think about growth over the years but also makes me think about areas I need to focus on presently to continue my growth. As a late teenager I began to have to basically run or household due to my mother’s illness. I had to completely care for my grandmother, my mother, all housework, and tend to my sisters, not to mention I worked, went to school an aux pioneered very often. Whenever something was asked I always complied even though I was spread so thin. So my growth was learning to say “no” when it was something not urgent. I began to feel in control of my life and able to just take the needed time to stop and enjoy Jehovah’s creation

    1. Ahhhhhh…sounds like you’re enjoying the power of one of the shortest words in the English vocabulary, “NO.” Short, but powerful. This word can change the dynamics of relationships, empower yourself and others to find their strength and bring into reach the balance you deserve and desire in your life. It’s a beautiful thing when we recognize out limitations and listen to our bodies, by slowing down enough to experience our Heavenly Father’s creation. (Romans 1:20) Great job Candace for recognizing you were “stretched” too thin and giving yourself permission to say “NO.” Thanks for sharing Candace…I’ve noticed the change;-)

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